Coach Andrea started her coaching career at Champion All Stars in Raleigh, NC before moving to Virginia Beach. She is a former staff member for AACD, where she worked the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii and was formally a director for Champion Cheer Summer Camps. In her 13 years of coaching and choreographing she has won numerous National, Regional, state, and local titles.  In 19 years of cheerleading, Andrea has cheered for Havelock Middle School , Havelock High School , Champion All Stars in N.C, and numerous Open All Star Teams.  Andrea enjoys coaching all ages and skills levels.  In 2011 Andrea was named the Coastal Cooperations “Coach of the Year.”  She is also the former coach of the Ocean Lakes Dolphins, 5 time District Champions. When not coaching Andrea enjoys spending time with her husband, Daughter and 3 dogs.  She loves the beach, tropical places and Sushi.  She also wishes she could hibernate in the winter because she despises cold weather.

Favorite Quote:  “Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character”




Coach Melvin has coached many teams in many places in his many years of coaching. He has coached at places like North Carolina School of Science & Math, Champion All Stars, ACE and FAME just to name a few. He also coached Cheer Limited summer camps from 1993 – 1995 and Champion summer camps from 1995-2000.  While coaching he has won multiple national, regional and state championships. He has also worked with many high school and college teams (Currently the ODU Monarchs) He has also sent numerous cheerleaders to colleges, such as HPU, Louisville, George Mason, Trinity Valley, and N.C. State just to name a few.  Melvin was honored in 2006 by winning Coach Of The Year from American Cheer and Dance Academy. While a shock to him, anyone who knows or knows of Melvin realizes that everything he has done for cheerleading and those who love the sport, it is clear to see he was more than deserving of the award. Melvin also cheered while at UNC – Chapel Hill. Melvin loves to travel and spend times with friends and family in his spare time.  Melvin is also a full time Doctor.




Since Coach Chris has begun coaching he has enjoyed the success of many national titles with numerous teams. Chris has coached individual and stunt groups to national titles as well. In the past, Chris has coached summer camps for Champion Cheer Camps and currently choreographs material for EDGE summer camps.   Coach Chris has cheered for Garner high school, Champion All Stars, ACE Open , Georgia , Tri Force Elite and FAME LEGENDS, winning state and national titles. He is was also a UPA Cheer Performer of the year. Chris also coaches the 2 time state Champions the Hickory High School Hawks.  Chris enjoys reading, traveling and loves eating at the Olive Garden.




Jessica began gymnastics at age 6 and started cheering at age 12. . She has coached cheerleading and tumbling for FAME since year 1. She has coached the Tiny Tots, Mini’s and Youth divisions to many local, regional, state, national and grand championships. Jessica is a five time all American and a 2 time bronze medalist at the AAU Jr Olympics. In her many years of cheering she has won many National and state championships.  She currently works as a Teacher Assistant at an elementary school. In her spare time she enjoys shopping, and going to the beach or the pool

Favorite quote: “I made that”




Victoria is a FAME alumni who has cheered at the Virginia Beach and Midlo locations. She also cheered for her middle school, high school varsity teams, and other all star organizations.Victoria has been on teams who have received bids, along with attending the USASF Cheerleading Worlds. Victoria enjoys reading, eating at Panera and shopping at Victoria’s Secret. Her favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, her favorite character of all time being Atticus Finch.

Victoria is a full time teacher at Bayside High School and full time World Domination Extraordinaire!

Favorite Quote: Mischief Managed.




Coach Matt is one of the four original coaches at the beach location. He is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science. He has coached and competed at many different levels such as middle school, high school, allstars, and college. While coaching he has won numerous local, regional, state and national championships. He is best known for his ability to extract talent and mold today’s youth. You will get an unpleasant, if any, response if you call him ‘Matthew’. He would prefer Matt or [email protected] He loves fine dining and wine festivals and is especially fond of The Melting Pot. [email protected] possesses a divine infinity for all things mini. His ubiquitous influence at FAME allstars will be an inspiration to all.

Favorite quote: You can’t do the same stuff and expect a different result.




Tom has many years of cheer experience, including numerous years with FAME on its Coed team. He also cheered for his high school competition team at First Colonial cheered on the FAME Open team, LEGENDS.  He loves shopping at local surf shops and likes Tropical Smoothie and Starbucks. If he had to travel somewhere it would be Hawaii but enjoys relaxing at home when he is not working.

Favorite Quote: Frequently Achieving & Mastering Outstanding Unique Skills




Coach Matty has been both an Athlete and Coach at Fame All-Stars for all 11 seasons. He started his cheering career with American Cheer Elite, where he won many Team and Individual National Titles, including ACDC’s American Cheer Idol for the 2003-2004 Season.  In his free time Coach Matty enjoys reading, shopping (Full Time Maxxanista) and of course being a die hard cheer Stalker. His favorite colors are Baby Blue and most definitely Hot Pink. As far as favorite foods, Most of Coach Matty’s athletes know that his nerves are easily sated with a Diet Pepsi and a Reese Cup.  Lastly Coach Matty Believes that “Being Famous” means being a part of a family where you are accepted not for your talents and abilities to win, but rather for who you truly are, for that will ALWAYS make you FAMOUS!!!
Favorite quote: “Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”- Marilyn Monroe




Sacred is one of our awesome tumbling coaches at FAME. He has over 14 years tumble and cheer experience. He has cheered with teams such as Cheer Central Braves, University of Central Arkansas and University of Arkansas Little rock. He was a top 10 NCA Individual in 2003 and did 5 years of NCA staff. You can catch Sacred at the gym coaching a tumbling class, teaching a private lesson or coaching Friday night open gym!
Favorite Quote: “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”


10150776_10202851531161539_3192825157248859736_nCOACH JP


James "Jp" Patterson, cheered for Fame Allstars for 8 years. Attended the Worlds competition for Cheer and Dance for 6 consecutive years. Has coached tumbling from levels 1-5 for 5 years. Coach Jp has coached at many local facilities with athletes of all ages starting from 5 years old and up. He has a real passion for what he does and has a niche for fixing technique in unique approaches that are specific to each individual athlete.







Coach Jhamica has been with FAME since she was 14. She is currently attending TCC to become an elementary teacher.  Jhamica loves working with kids and in her spare time love to shop and babysit.  You can catch Jhamica working her skills on our International All Girl team FAME Showgirls