Erica has nearly 20 years of coaching experience and has been coaching since she was 14 years old.  At an early age she knew opening a gym was going to be her future! As a former athlete herself, she was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader for pretty much her entire life. She loves coaching and building athletes up in both skill as well as character. She has coached and judged at the JV, Varsity, All-Star, and Collegiate level. In addition to FAME, she is also the Head Cheer Coach at Christopher Newport University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Government. While a student at CNU, Erica was Cheerleading Captain and enjoys so much being able to still be a part of the program. Erica enjoys choreographing and working with not only her teams, but also other teams and has done so for many teams in Virginia and beyond. Erica is AACCA safety certified and USASF certified levels 1-5. Her favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS” is getting to spend time with the people she loves the most, doing what she loves! J


Favorite Quote: “Being Powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.  Margaret Thatcher


Jason has 10 years of tumble coaching experience and loves getting to work with and train athletes at FAME. Jason is a former football player and in the last 10 years has gotten involved with cheerleading. He loves teaching strong work ethic and dedication to young athletes and hopes he is teaching kids how to be successful in both life and cheerleading. Jason is USASF certified in levels 1-5 tumble. Jason graduated from Christopher Newport University in 2003 where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance. He is the Senior Financial Analyst at Smithfield Foods.  His favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS” is getting to see young athletes grow.


Favorite Quote: “Hard Work is the Price we Pay for Success”


Tim has been coaching for 13 years. He coached 5 and half years in gymnastics and the other 7 and a half in the all-star cheerleading world. He began cheering in high school and fell in love with it. He says he always “flipped” his whole life and found a wonderful sport he loved and could apply it to. He is tumble and safety certified under USAG. (United States Gymnastics Association). His favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS” is that Fame All-Stars is like an extension of his family. He says “FAME is an exciting, fun and loving program he gets the pleasure of going to everyday.” Tim loves that he has built friendships with the other employees and coaches in a way that he’s never been able to do anywhere else. “And the kids…..full of heart and joy. I love it! I’m proud to say I’m a coach because I have the ability to show anyone who’s willing to try, how much more amazing they can be than they ever thought. When they take the challenge and succeed and realize their potential, its one of the biggest joys in my life! This why I am proud to be called COACH TIM!!!”


Bubba has been a part of FAME for nearly 10 years now. He was a young athlete that grew up in FAME’s program and over the years developed into an Elite Level Cheerleader and is now an amazing coach. He has competed at the Cheerleading Worlds Championship 4 times and is looking forward to continuing as a competitor next season. Bubba currently coaches our Tiny, Mini, Senior 4, and Senior 4.2 teams. He is known for teaching athletes about more than just cheer. Bubba is a good ol southern boy and likes to teach his kids manners and kindness in addition to becoming awesome athletes. Bubba will finish his USASF certification in July and will become USASF Certified Levels 1-5. His favorite thing about coaching is watching the kids grow and build in cheer AND in life. He loves seeing them have fun in a sport that he has loved for so long, knowing they are building memories as he has over the years. His favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS” is the family feel FAME has.


Brittany is an athlete that has grown up at FAME over the last 8 years. Brittany has cheered all-star, high school, and college. She is currently the Captain at Christopher Newport University as well as a member of FAME Finale OIC5 Team. She has competed at the Cheerleading Worlds 3 times and loves to be on the floor! Brittany currently coaches multiple teams of all ages and skill levels at FAME. She loves being a part of the FAME family and loves to see athletes grow and achieve their dreams. As an athlete herself, she says her favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS,” is watching kids have such wonderful opportunities as she has had through cheerleading.  She looks forward to continuing to share her passion with FAME and it’s athletes.


Rendy has been working with FAME for the last 3 years but has been involved with FAME for over 9 years. Her 2 daughters cheered at FAME for the past 8 years and have now moved on and are in college. Rendy loves the FAME family and the people so much that she has continued to be a part of FAME even after her daughters have finished their career at FAME. Rendy manages our front counter and takes care of every parent and athlete’s needs and questions outside of the gym area. She is SO friendly and everyone loves Ms. Rendy! If you have any questions ever about registration, bills, payments, schedules, classes, camps, etc…..Ms. Rendy will get you taken care of.


Melissa has been involved in cheerleading most of her life. She grew up cheering rec, middle, and high school and then went on to college at Christopher Newport University. During her time at CNU, she was the cheerleading Captain and MVP. She began coaching at FAME when she was a freshman in college in 2011 and knew quickly that Coaching and Leading was a passion of hers. Melissa has been a top coach at FAME from 2007-2014. She moved to Richmond a year ago and took a year off to settle in and is now SO EXCITED to be back with her FAME Family coaching for the 2015-16 season. Melissa is USASF certified Levels 1-4. Melissa LOVES being a part of so many young athlete’s lives and enjoys watching them grow in life and in cheerleading. This sport has always been something that has given her so much and she loves being able to share that with others. Her favorite thing about being FAMEOUS is being part of a group that loves and supports each other no matter what. WELCOME BACK COACH MELISSA!!!


Jenny LOVES Cheerleading! She got involved in cheerleading in high school where she cheered at Hickory High School and quickly realized she had a true passion for the sport. She ended up at Christopher Newport University in 2013 and made the cheerleading team as well as the IOC5 team FAME Finale. Jenny has worked volunteering over the years with school and rec programs teaching younger kids and is excited to be sharing her passion at FAME. This is Jenny’s second year being a part of FAME. Her favorite thing about being “FAMEOUS” is the family atmosphere, having tons of people you know love and care for you, and getting to teach and watch athletes grow in the sport.


Destiny began her cheerleading career at the age of 6. She was introduced to the sport by older sister, who was also a cheerleader and now owns a cheer gym in West Virginia. She has cheered and coached at many different levels, from Recreation league cheer, school cheer, and All-Star cheer. She has 7 years of coaching experience and began coaching when she was 17. At 19 she began coaching All-Star Cheer at different gyms in MD and WV. Jumps and standing tumbling is her specialty. Her favorite thing about coaching is seeing all the athletes having fun and improve their skills. This is Destiny’s first year coaching at FAME and we are all excited to have Destiny joining the FAMEOUS FAMILY.


Laura has been involved in cheerleading for 9 years now. She has grown up in the FAME gym and now cheers high school cheer as well. She has been helping with our Tiny team for 3 seasons now and does a tremendous job. All the kids LOVE Ms. Laura! Laura is excited to continue to broaden her coaching role again this season and continue working with the little ones at FAME.


Alex started “trying flips” on his own in his front yard when he was 15. He loved it and wanted to learn more so he decided to take a local gymnastics class. Soon after, he realized he had a real talent and love for tumbling so he found a home at FAME All stars tumbling around. He was so impressive that Erica, the gym owner soon pulled him in to try cheer. Once he started stunting and learning more, he was hooked. Alex has become one of the top tumblers in the state of VA and loves sharing his passion with younger athletes. He started coaching in 2008. He is more excited than ever to compete and coach with FAME.


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