Welcome Back from Break!


We hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and Summer Break from practices. Just a reminder that we are back in full swing this week! We are excited to see all of our student’s back in class and practices this week!

Here’s a couple exciting things to know……

First–the staff have been hard at work over our break making some big changes at FAME! First, you will LOVE the new lobby!!! Fresh paint, SUPER clean, and lots of new fun stuff. We are still working on some of it over the next week but we hope you will enjoy it as much as we will! We really ask that everyone please take pride in our gym in helping keep it clean by picking up after yourself, throwing your trash away, and being respectful of the gym areas and property. We wanted to make it warm and awesome for our kids and parents as it is a second home for our students and families.

Second–This week we begin implementing our POWERFUL WORDS Program! Parents, your kids are going to LOVE this and LEARN so much! At the conclusion of each practice, our coaches will be leading “Power Chats” with our students. The WORD of the Month is DETERMINATION. Determination can be a powerful thing in your child’s life in every aspect and we are going to begin teaching them about determination and how to be determined people!

Third–Parents we want you to be empowered with our new powerful words program as well! We have teamed up with the leading childhood and teen development specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman as we are implementing this program.We encourage you to chat with your child on the drive home about what things they are learning at FAME in addition to cheerleading. We know you will be blown away!

Finally–As a special member of our program, you will be receiving a monthly newsletter from us to include some awesome material for parents from FAME and Dr. Robyn. This material is not about cheerleading by the way….well most of it anyways 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!! Excited to see everyone this week!!



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