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Hello from FAME Central in Yorktown!

Today we are starting our blog! We are super excited to begin blogging and adding things to our website that will be helpful to our members and prospective members. You can expect to find new blogs from Fame Central at least once or twice a week so be on the lookout and continue to check out our site for all sorts of cool stuff! You won’t want to miss all the neat  stuff we are going to start posting! Here is just a clip of things that we will be adding:

  1. Practice trailers that will on occasion talk about what things athletes will be working on at practice this week.
  2. Parent articles that will have some awesome information for parents relating to helping your athletes in sports, school, and life.
  3. Technique Tips for athletes
  4. Messages from Coaches
  5. Updates on classes, teams, camps, clinics, and programs we are offering
  6. Team Bonding

These are just a few of the things you can expect to find out on our upcoming blogs. We would also like for our blogs to be interactive so we would love for you to interact with comments. If you have something awesome to add or maybe you have related information, please feel free to add and comment. Our entire purpose of adding a blog to our site is to educate and connect with our current members and also for our prospective members out there to be able to read and learn more about us!

Did you know that FAME All Stars is the TOP cheerleading program in Virginia? Not only are we the largest and fastest growing program with some amazing accomplishments, but most importantly we teach MORE THAN JUST CHEERLEADING! We are teaching and creating today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. Stay tuned on some of the exciting new things we are adding to our program to further instill leadership and character in our athletes so they are prepared for every challenge they face inside and outside of our gym.

Check us out at famecheer.com 

Have a GREAT Day!

Erica Flanigan,

Owner, FAME Central


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