2240 Oak Lake Blvd , Midlothian, VA 23112

(804) 303 5937

Program Director – Mike Blaylock:  crazyfamecoach@gmail.com

AllStar Team Development Coordinator – Khaliyl Stewart:  famekhaliyl@gmail.com

Half Year Program Director:  Marcquel Miles:  halfyear11@yahoo.com

Office – Jordan Daniel & Susie Newsome: famemidlooffice@gmail.com or jordanfameoffice@gmail.com





Office Hours Monday-Thursday 4pm - 8pm





Our Facility Includes: 

  ● 4 52' X 42' Spring Floors

  ● 1 52' x 42' Hard Floor 

  ● 1 42' x 42' Hard Floor 

  ● Playback Technology for Routine Review 

  ● Heating & Air Conditioning 

  ● 1 - 30' Tumble Track 

  ● 1 - 40' Power Bounder

  ● 2 - 40' Rod Floor w/ Safe Landings

  ● 1 - 40' Air Floor w/ Safe Landings


Questions? Email famemidlooffice@gmail.com


This was our first year and I love this gym and the coaches but more importantly so does my daughter. The amount of improvement in just one year in her ability and confidence leaves me speechless. She has made some really wonderful friendships and I love how the gym stresses to them to support each other and positivity at all times. I have been to another gym for private lessons and the coach spent his time on his cell phone and did nothing to help my daughter. You will never find that at Fame, they are hands on, actively engaged with the athletes and building those special relationships with them. My daughter loves this gym and the coaches and that's what it's all about!!!