Owner: Kristen Shreckhise 







FAME Valley has been such a life-changer for our little girl. She had tremendous issues with separation anxiety and we wanted to get her into something that was extracurricular to help her open up. She chose FAME and hasn't looked back since. Her confidence, and self-esteem have soared. The coaches are compassionate, knowledgeable, eager to teach and easily approached. Watching my girl blossom at FAME has been nothing short of incredible. We're so very thankful for the guidance, friendship, athletes and coaches at FAME Valley.

Brandon Love


We started tumbling at Fame Valley 4 years ago. Since then, my daughter has not only gained tumbling and cheer skills, but confidence. She looks forward to coming to practice and loves learning new skills. As a parent, I appreciate the outstanding coaching, positive environment, and communication from the coaches.

Elizabeth Harding 



We moved up to Staunton from Hampton roads 2 years ago and my daughter was sad because she left her gym behind and her cheer sisters!!!! But we went to Fame and Coach Kristen Coach Amber coach Quinn and coach Brandon have done an amazing job making her feel welcomed!! Along with all the cheer sisters and cheer families!!! I am so glad that we are apart of this gym!! Thanks Fame Valley!!

Michelle Huber. 

We LOVE FAME Valley!! A wonderful program with an amazing coaching staff!! It’s like our 2nd home and my daughter has not only gained skills, but more importantly, she’s gained confidence, strength, FAMEily, sisters, and memories to last a lifetime!! ❤️

Jody Trader